Economy and Commerce

The horizon of the Ayllu towards the Ayni is the 'suma q'amaña', which means the horizon of each complementary relation in a community is living well, taking care of and respecting every existing form; taking care of and respecting life.

Inside the living well there are no the hierarchies but the natural complementary responsibilities. Economics, the native people's view of the world, particularly from the aymara view, is the way that human beings and communities decide to connect with every existence form: animals, insects, plants,mountains, rivers, rainforests, air, etc., which are not in any way considered “resources” , they are beings that live and that deserve all due respect. They all get connected in a complementary and reciprocal way.

All policies from the State, regions, municipalities, communities, families and individuals have to be taken under a parameter: first, take care of life. None decision can affect life, the Pachamama (Mother Earth). A great debate about this subject has started in this world because there is hope to solve those aspects related to economics and mainly life.

Good Living/Living Well (Philosophy, Politics, Strategies and Experiences of the Andean Region) - Fernando Huanacuni Mamani