Filming in Bolivia

Filming in Bolivia


Producers and/or filmmakers of foreign production companies who wish to film in the Bolivian territory must fullfil a registration with CONACINE to obtain a Filming License, in order to protect the cultural values ​​of the country.

Also, members of the film crew require a Specific Purpose Visa


  1. Letter addressed to the Executive Director of CONACINE, requesting a film license and explaining in detail:

- The project

- The theme

- Filming Locations

- Format

- Estimated duration of the product

- Approximate time of stay in Bolivia

- Payroll of components of the filming equipment

- List of equipment and technical material brought to the country

- Copy of the passport that certifies the identity of the producer or person responsible for the production company.


  1. Flight itinerary (arrival and departure), airline number, flight number, time of arrival and departure (for customs procedures)


  1. Documentation certifying the legal domicile in the country of origin of the company and/or director, legalized by the Bolivian diplomatic representation in that country.


  1. Commitment to deliver a copy of the finished work (film, documentary, point etc.) to the Bolivian Cinematheque archives within a maximum period of 1 (one) year from the date of obtaining the license. Said commitment must be duly stamped by the embassy or diplomatic representation of the country of origin of the production company in Bolivia.


5. Valued Form (Foreign Filming License).