Specific Purpose Visa

Specific purpose visa

A “Specific Purpose” Visa is required for any of the following grounds:
Employment Visa (30-days): for business trips, or under an employment contract.

Cost: 85 USD

Transitory Employment Visa (180-days): for remunerated or lucrative activities.

Cost: 85 USD

* (This visa is free when it is with a State Agreement)

Medical Treatment Visa (30-days): for specialized medical treatment in Bolivia.

Cost: 85 USD

Family visa (30-days): Married couples, consanguinity (blood relation), civil relations,
adoptions, and for those financially dependent.

Cost: 85 USD

Multiple Purpose Visa (1 year): for employment, investments, business. Renewable for
similar terms (as per letter g, of Article 9 – DS 1923).

Cost: 200 USD


  1. Yellow fever vaccine certificate (In case you visit an endemic region: please consult the area of travel with our consular section)
  2. Economic solvency test (last bank statement)
  3. Round trip flight itinerary
  4. Passport (valid for more than 6 months)
  5. Letter signed by the entity or institution for which the applicant works explaining the activity to be carried out in Bolivia
  6. 4 x 4 cm photo or passport type (recent, color, and with a white background)
  7. Valid certificate attesting to the absence of police or criminal records (certificate of good conduct). This certificate must be issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin, or theapplicant’s last residence as per the rules in force; Original, translated by a sworn translator, legalized.
  8. Application form (filled and signed). The form is automatically generated by the System through the website.
  9.  The applicant must upload all the required documents to the System through this link.
  10. Once the application is finished, you must send the generated form in PDF to the email address: (for the Netherlands). The consular section will verify the information uploaded and proceed to set the appointment.
    The day of the appointment all the original documentation must be presented in order to get the visa.